Grossing workstations are manufactured to your precise requirements. A wide variety of options and configurations can be produced to suit your needs. PMT Scientific is the industry leader in designing and customizing grossing stations with integrated digital imaging technology to enhance the functionality of the  work station.   Our state of the art lighting system provides bright and proper color rendering to assist in providing the sharpest digital images.    

Customizing your PMT Grossing Station is easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.  Choose an elevating unit, fixed height, or counter top unit

2.  Specify the length of your workstation

3.  Select your sink location in the work surface (right, left, or center)

Finally, customize your unit by selecting features that are durable and ergonomically friendly.

Customize and request a quote for your station

Standard Features

 60" L x 32" W x 81" tall (standard size)

Custom lengths available of 48"-156"

Sink - 8.5" deep stainless steel

Hand spray - 6 feet of hose

Ventilation drafts towards back of unit

Dissection cutting board

Audio/visual ventilation alarm

Magnetic tool bar

LED lights

Edge ruler (inch/centimeter)

Stainless steel adjustable shelf

Dispenser for C-fold towels or gloves

Organizer bins - 2 ea.

GFCI electrical outlet

Built Your Way Options


Additional hand spray - hot & cold water

Foot Pedal

Small stainless steel bin

Large organizer bin

Writing ledge - removable 

Safety splash shield

Stainless steel peg board

Additional GFCI protected duplex outlet

Staining bottle holder - holds 7 bottles

Ventilated trash bin on casters

Formalin containment & collection system

Forma Flow - Formalin Dispensing 

Digital Imaging Options

Integrated digital imaging system 

Lower level keyboard support bracket

Adjustable arm for flat screen monitor 

Communication Port (USB or Ethernet)

Computer bracket for CPU

Keyboard adjustable arm



Integration with Digital Imaging

Third party imaging systems can be seamlessly integrated to enhance workstation functionality.  We offer digital imaging integration thru Virtus Imaging and the PATHpix Gross Imaging System.  

Forma-Flow - PMT Scientific's Safe & Innovative Formalin System

PMT Scientific announces its newest patent pending innovation:  PMT Scientific Forma-Flow, a safer, operator friendly formalin dispensing system.  Compatible with PMT Scientific's Grossing Workstation, Forma-Flow:

*   Eliminates formalin bubbling and splatter during the dispensing of formalin, always providing a consistent and even flow.  

*   Provides ergonomic work flow eliminating the need for heavy lifting of formalin carboys. 

*   Large volume storage capacity at the grossing unit to increase efficiency. 

*   Integrated monitoring and safety features.